Predictive Analytics

With predictive analytics we are able to forecast unknown future events by applying a variety of techniques on past data in order to find patterns and relations. This way of processing a given amount of data allows your company not only to become proactive but also to anticipate behaviours and trends based upon factual data, not assumptions.

Predictive analytics can be used for many different applications ranging from health care & marketing to risk management. Every application offers new challenges which require different approaches & solutions. That is why we firmly believe predictive analytics is constantly evolving.


Business Dynamics

"System dynamics is an approach to the study of complexity." - John D. Sterman

In a world in which systems in economy, technology and politics are constantly rising in complexity, effective and quick decision making is one of the most valued attributes a person or programme can have. We use system dynamics modelling to understand complex system in a company. However, it is not only used to understand complex systems but also for creating new structures and strategies based on the past given data. Over the past decades countless companies & govermental organisations used these types of models to address and improve crucial issues.