About Us

We specialise in two areas. Predictive analytics and business dynamics, which we offer as services in two different ways. Either as assignment, by providing the customer with a finished forecasting model or a simulation of your business model to assess risk and opportunities and explain our findings as simple as possible. Or by an interactive workshop in which we show your employees different methods for predicting data and constructing simulations based on our acquired knowledge.

miduni is an Austrian consulting company which has been present in those areas for over 10 years. With the resulting intel, we assist among others world-renowned automotive, telecommunications and food companies with great success.

Being able to create an almost perfect forecast for an upcoming period based on past data is a great opportunity for many companies to adapt structures in the company and to relinquish on unattractive business models and offers .

As the work in this field is far from being fully explored, we are very curious to see how we can support the evolution of data analytics and how the upcoming possibilities will facilitate and improve the analysis of data.

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